Mining & Industry

Greetings dear readers and thank you for spending a moment of your time exploring what's been going on at P-R during these last, quite busy, weeks.

Recently we've been spending some time on the mining & industry system - a core component in the mission system, work on which has been postponed until the finished development of the aspects contained within. On the twitter profile @VBjornskov you´ll find a video showing the Mining system in action. Now, we're focusing on making mining a usefull aspect of the game. In doing so we´ve come up with 3 resources refined from Asteroid Ore:


All of which we intend to make use of in the ship construction system. Here, a blueprint researched using data obtained from Exploration will combine the refined resources of Asteroid Ore in order to produce new spaceships. An alternative to buying the ships via the market.

Next we'll be focusing on the exploration system before arriving at the construction of the mini-map.

Last, but not least, Theodor has been working on a new Station User interface, which we hope to be able to show soon.
As always a heartfelt thank you to all our Supporters, readers & people interested in our Game and overall Project.
Respectfully, Vilhelm.