COL Missions: Exploration, Industry & Military

Greetings dear readers and thank you for spending a moment of your time exploring what's been going on at P-R during these last, quite busy, weeks.

Recently we've been spending some time on the mission system in Citizens of Laniakea. We've also been working on our website, but for the time being primarily on our overall project and on COL.

There are 3 Mission "lines" that helps you win in Citizens of Laniakea. These missions are available through agents located at your factions station. Since you start the game with a "tiny" ship - a Fighter - you can get a frigate faster than otherwise through these missions. For Example:

  • If you decide to go with Exploration & Succeed at your first Exploration mission - you will gain an Exploration "class" Frigate.
  • If you decide to go with Industry & Succeed at your first Industrial Mission - you will gain an Industrial "class" Frigate.
  • If you decide to go with Military & Succeed at your first Military Mission - you will gain a Military "class" Frigate.

Exploration missions revolve around Exploring co-ordinates delivered by your exploration agent. Locating ancient ruins of stations, hacking into alien radio-telescopes & collecting Alien Artifacts.

Industry missions revolve around Mining Asteroids, Building Ships & Carrying Cargo to Alien Stations.

Military missions revolve around spying, sabotaging & effectively Destroying your enemies attempts at getting an economic advantage.

Last, but not least: We've collected information on our preffered focus on the mission system through the utilization of a 24-Hour Poll:

Via Twitter: @VBjornskov

The Results were as follows:

  • 58% Exploration
  • 19% Industry
  • 23% Military

242 votes total.