Website, F2P & COL

Greetings dear readers & Thank you for spending a moment of your time exploring what's been going on at P-R during these last, quite busy, weeks.

As the website is being constructed, so are our games - our primary game & potential free-to-play "mini" games.

Our main project; Citizens of Laniakea - Which Theodor & I have been working on for about 4-5 years by now - is also recieving a lot of attention. We hope to release a new video quite soon, as we work towards completing the Game-components which we hope to showcase in the first trailer, which will follow the next video-showcase of new game-components.

Public Relations for Pulsar-Regions have seen a lot of progress, especially via my twitter channel: @VBjornskov
- which is mostly related to progress on Pulsar-Regions, but with elements of free-time related activities too.

Funding wise we've recieved the first 25€ donation by Mike - Thank you very much

Think that's it for now.
Respectfully, Vilhelm.